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Searchlogic Expands Their Digital Marketing Toolbox with Acquisition of XPND

Searchlogic, a leading provider of digital marketing solutions, announced today the acquisition of XPND Interactive, an Oregon-based digital marketing agency renowned for its data and results-driven approach. This strategic acquisition marks a significant milestone in Searchlogic's growth and enriches Searchlogic's diverse digital marketing services. 

XPND offers SEO, Google Ads, Connected TV, and programmatic advertising solutions, driving engagement and revenue for businesses. With the addition of these services, Searchlogic can now provide their customers with comprehensive SEO services that enable them to optimize their digital footprint and strengthen their online presence. 

“XPND and Searchlogic share a remarkable alignment of perspectives and values that are rooted in our unwavering care for our customers,” said Billy Mitchell, CEO and Founder of Searchlogic. “Through this acquisition, we can now offer our customers new resources to further enhance their digital marketing, experiences, and capabilities.” 

Jimmy Clarke, CEO of XPND Interactive, said, “I've always prioritized our clients' needs. Joining forces with a like-minded company ensures the continued commitment to top-tier service and outcomes that I am so passionate about.”

Instrumental in the acquisition was Sammy Soto, founder and CEO of Accounting Agency and Joyce Gabucan, Financial Controller of Searchlogic. Billy commented: “Sammy, Joyce, and their team shared and exemplified Searchlogic’s value of customer excellence, providing us with world-class counsel throughout the duration of the acquisition and streamlining the entire process.”

Searchlogic is pioneering AI integration in digital marketing, utilizing smarter tools to refine campaign strategies, optimize ad buying, and enhance customer engagement. Their advanced analytics provide clearer insights and facilitate faster assessment of investment impact with greater transparency.

Billy also shared his vision for the future model of agencies, stating, "The future of agencies is AI-first. Acquiring deeply specialized agencies like XPND, allows us to deliver a premium and holistic service to our clients. By combining our customer-first approach with proven services driven by AI, we can help our clients achieve their business objectives with unprecedented results to stay ahead of the competition."

Since its inception in 2012, Searchlogic has served customers such as Gaia, Avalara, and New Relic. They successfully partnered with Searchlogic to optimize their digital footprint and user experience while maximizing performance.

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2 comentários

James Eastwood
James Eastwood
20 de jun.

Congrats Billy and Team Searchlogic. This sounds like an exciting growth opportunity.

28 de jun.
Respondendo a

Thank you, James! It's been a really exciting time for sure.

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